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Electronic Gate Log
Who can benefit from this service:
- Transportation & Logistics
- Pharmaceutical Warehouses
- Manufacturing & Industrial Hubs
Automated Security Integrated Solutions logistic asset tracking

Each industry has its own unique set of government and operational requirements for facility access control. Automated Security I.S. understands this, so our YardGard™ software was designed to be easily customizable to enable us to remotely monitor your facilities accurately and efficiently. The customer interface provides unlimited real-time access to all your gate traffic information; complete with pictures and searchable fields.

The YardGard™ software was fully designed and developed in-house by Automated Security I.S.  As the pioneer for Virtual Gate Guards, we have an in-depth understanding of the unique needs for secured yards. Not only were real life security concerns such as yard breaches, stolen trailers & compromised shipments considered; but also logistics operational issues such as timeliness, communication between the gate & operations personnel and after hours handling of shipments.

The YardGard™ software is a complete yard management tool that is easy enough for operations personnel with limited time to use, but also comprehensive enough to enable the logistics manager to gather a daily yard inventory.


  • Fully customizable entry fields to ensure information important to your company is captured

  • Ability to pre-approve driver entry and departure

  • Pre-assign dock doors for expected pickup or deliveries

  • Research & dispute detention charges

  • Ban specific trailers from departing the yard

  • All data & images stored

  • Full range of reports and searches available

  • Create alerts to notify you of specific arrivals

  • 24/7 IT support

YardGard™ Mobile

If your company doesn’t yet need a fully automated gate process, we can still help enhance your gate security.

YardGard™ Mobile can be used on a phone, tablet or computer by a stationary security guard; replacing the traditional paper security log. YardGard™ Mobile is user friendly with a quick way for guards to enter information and capture critical photos.

YardGard™ electronic gate log enables you to obtain information and images for your gate traffic in a matter of seconds.

Estimated Value of Cargo stolen last year - $175 Million
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