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Taking the Virtual Guard system to another level with patented process technology

Who We Are

For years, Automated Security I.S. has been trusted to protect the assets and facilities of some of the largest companies in the world. As an active board member of TAPA and our long standing relationships with law enforcement across the country, our extensive experience in the fields of technology, pharma and energy is what we are known for.

With our patented virtual guard process and our extensive experience with GPS tracking, we can offer what other security companies cannot when it comes to securing your logistic process and regulations.

Automated security I.S. strives to stay at the cutting edge of security technology and never stops working to address the ever evolving security threats our customers face. We deploy proven and tested solutions that work. We build tools and solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency without compromise to performance or security.

Samantha Boles

President of Automated Security I.S.

Automated Security Integrated Solutions TAPA Board Member
Automated Security Integrated Solutions IWLA Member
Automated Security Integrated Solutions HICC member
Automated Security Integrated Solutions GWCC Member


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