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Residential & Gated Communities

Who can benefit from our First Responder Program:
- Gated Communities
- Highrise Buildings
- High profile or high net worth individuals or families.
- Frequent or international travelers.
- Owners of irreplaceable property such as art, heirlooms and collectibles.
Automated Security Integrated Solutions Gated Community Security

For our clients, home security isn’t a’s a necessity.

What Happens When Your Alarm Company Can’t Reach You?

Whether it’s a remote destination or a lengthy international flight, there are times when you can’t be reached by phone or email. If an alarm occurred during that time period, would your monitoring company know what to do? How long would they wait before dispatching police? Could they give authorities any helpful information?

That’s where we come in.

With Automated Security I.S. acting as the First Responder to your alarms when you are away; you can rest assured knowing there is an experienced team watching your home and making swift security decisions on your behalf.

To us, you aren’t just another alarm panel. You’re part of a select group of residential clients, and we have a unique security protocol designed specifically for you.

Customized Security Response Plan

We work with you to cover a myriad of security scenarios to ensure we are ready to respond to any alarm.

Virtual Patrol

Throughout the day at set intervals, we review all perimeter cameras & contact the alarm company to ensure alarm is active.


Daily Activity Report

Each day we will send a detailed summary e- mail complete with pictures.


Enhanced Technology

If police are dispatched, we can send pictures from your camera feed directly to their phone or computer.


How Does It All Work?


Our Security Operations Center is staffed 24/7 with professional state licensed security officers who have extensive training & experience managing security remotely.


Automated Security I.S. is designed to be an enhancement to your current home security plan. Our extensive list of software & license agreements with security alarm providers and DVR manufacturers typically results in an effortless and zero cost implementation.


If you are in need of a new DVR/Camera system, we have over 10 years of experience in commercial & residential installation.


During the time periods you utilize our services, we are placed on your alarm company’s “call list” as the first call to make for any alarms. We currently work with most national alarm companies in this capacity.


We offer several First Responder packages to choose from ranging from 5-365 days per year. You choose the package that suits your family’s travel and security needs.

Estimated Value of Cargo stolen last year - $175 Million
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