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Reducing Costs.

Increasing Security.

Automated Security Integrated Solutions - 

Patented technology for a variety of industries
Leveraging patented technology with experience, Automated Security Integrated Solutions makes it possible for companies with recurring guard spend to reduce cost significantly by using virtual security guards and our other services.
See the industries below that can benefit from not only our Virtual Guard technology, but our Active GPS and Surveillance services.
Industry - Transportation
Industry - Pharmaceuticals
Industry - Manufacturing
Industry - Gated Communities
Industry - Construction
Industry - Oilfield


Warehouses Protected Globally


Years experience in GPS Tracking



Only patented Virtual Guard solution in the nation
Recognized revenue savings YTD
Our Recent News
For years, Automated Security Integrated Systems has been trusted to protect the assets and facilities of some of the largest companies in the world. We have extensive experience in the fields of technology, pharma and energy.
Automated Security I.S. strives to stay at the cutting edge of security technology and never stops working to address the ever evolving security threats our customer face. We deploy proven and tested solutions that work. We build tools and solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency without compromise to performance or security.
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