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Giving Back
Automated Security I.S., Corporate Responsibility is more than a strategic decision. It’s part of our DNA. Locally, nationally and on a global scale; Automated Security I.S. has invested in healthier, happier and safer communities.
Since 2015

Automated Security I.S. has consistently contributed to the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation through corporate sponsorship of the charity’s annual “Run for The Roses” event. In addition to corporate sponsorship, Security Monitoring packages are donated for the organization’s auction in order to help raise additional funds.

Since 2013

Automated Security I.S. has been a corporate sponsor of Houston Children’s Charity. Besides the sponsorship, Automated Security I.S. donates security items for their annual auction and has organized events such as “Back to School” drives to collect clothing and school supplies for children in need.

Since 2013

Automated Security I.S. has been a Corporate Sponsor of Un Brindis Por St. Jude, the hospital’s Annual Gala fundraising event. Recognizing the great contribution of St. Jude Hospital to the public good, Automated Security I.S. looks forward to raising awareness of the St. Jude mission to influencers and entrepreneurs around the world.
Get to know more about St. Jude Hospital.

Local Youth

Automated Security I.S. is committed to creating a healthy environment and strengthening the quality of life in the community where its employees live and work. That’s why since 2012, Automated Security I.S. has sponsored both girls and boys Little League youth sports teams in the Houston, TX area.

U.S. Military

Automated Security I.S. actively recruits U.S. Military veterans. Currently, about 20% of Automated Security I.S. officers are Veterans or Active Reservists.

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