Video Surveillance

The Future of Security Alarm Monitoring
Who can benefit from this service:
- Transportation & Logistics
- Oilfields
- Pharmaceutical Warehouses
- Manufacturing & Industrial Hubs
- Construction Sites
- Gated Communities
Automated Security IS CCTV

Ten years ago, a remote security center pulling up live camera feeds was something only the government or Hollywood could do. With the enhancements in technology, internet & bandwidth; remote monitoring is something most people can now do for their homes from a smart phone.


But in the corporate world, who has time to monitor all the camera views and intrusion alarms? That’s where Automated Security I.S. comes in. With years of experience monitoring hundreds of facilities & thousands of cameras 24/7; we are the leaders in North American commercial video surveillance.

What Sets Us Apart


Because of our tenure in the industry, we have experience with almost every type of surveillance camera and alarm monitoring company. We utilize the Merlin ® software, which has been the leading security monitoring platform in Europe for over 20 years...handling alarm & CCTV monitoring for large scale facilities such as banks, government entities, universities and hospitals.


  • Ability to integrate almost any system. No expensive upgrades necessary

  • Proven track record: 20+ years as a solid, reliable software platform

  • Multiple fail safe contingencies ranging from backup servers, generator & redundant operations centers, all designed to ensure continuous coverage.

  • Video analytics-smart memory and motion sensing

  • Ability to set up a “virtual fence” to control defined areas.

  • Computer controlled alarm response to ensure procedures are followed 100% of the time. This means faster response times and minimizes the potential for human error.

  • Reporting capabilities through email, phone and text. A variety of options including automated event triggered reports, alarm summaries and routine activity logs.

  • Alarm signals are mapped to corresponding facility camera allowing the monitoring agent an immediate view of the activated alarm area.

  • Panic Alarms

  • Ability to ensure facilities are armed/unarmed at appropriate times

  • Scalable solution: Provides you the flexibility to integrate additional solutions such as GPS tracking and access

    control to meet your unique security demands.

  • Global capabilities: Facilities around the world can be monitored and secured from a single platform.

Estimated Value of Cargo stolen last year - $175 Million