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How Secure Is Your Gated Community Really?

How Much Can a Private Community Save by Replacing Their On-Site Guard Shack?

When it comes to a private or gated community, the security of your grounds and your residents is paramount. So to make sure no one gets in who’s not supposed to, it’s essential to have an on-site guard shack with a team of security guards on duty 24/7, to clear everybody’s entry, right? Actually, no. on-site guards may have been necessary in times past, but now there are other ways of keeping your community secure, which are just as effective, and a lot less costly.

Problems with Security Guards

The effectiveness of security guards is tied largely to the image they convey. Most people will be less likely to attempt to go where they don’t belong or start any trouble in your community if they know there’s a guard on duty.

However, guards tend to be less effective in practice. After all, they’re just human beings and can make mistakes. They can fall asleep on the job. They can accidentally let people through whom they shouldn’t. They can get sick, forcing you to spend extra money getting a replacement on short notice, or simply leaving you without a guard. Even when they’re at their best, they can’t watch in all directions simultaneously, and are likely to miss something.

Additionally, many security guards aren’t trained to handle real threats, or are ill-equipped for them. After all, proper training and equipment cost money as well. So how much does a team of security guards cost? Well, for 24/7 coverage of a gate or entrance, you’ll pay anywhere from $120,000 to $150,000 per year, per guard. If your community has multiple entrances, you can expect to pay even more. And that’s for security that’s not necessarily reliable or effective. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

A Virtual Guard System

Rather than risking the security of your private community on human error, it’s much cheaper and more efficient to automate the process. Your on-site guard shack is replaced with our patented virtual guard system, equipped with cameras and software to identify visitors and either grant or deny them access to your community.

Of course, machines and software are also subject to errors and problems. But a good virtual guard system also connects to a command center, staffed by live humans, who can resolve those problems and make snap judgment calls that a machine might have trouble with. The combination of automation and human oversight, working in tandem, creates a security system that’s virtually foolproof.

Couple the Virtual Guard System at the entry of your community along with placement around your community with CCTV cameras, our control center can truly be in multiple places at one time – all the while breathing easier, knowing that your private community is in good hands and fully secure.

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