GPS Tracking

Who can benefit from this service:
- Transportation & Logistics
- Pharmaceutical Warehouses
- Manufacturing & Industrial Hubs

With today's cargo theft at an all time high, not only do distribution centers and warehouses have to have a detailed security plan in place, but how do you protect your cargo once it has left? Common weak points are truck stops, side of the road, carrier or terminal lots, drop lots and ports of entry. With cargo theft increasing each year, it is estimated that losses are as high as $30 billion per year.

Integrating not only our patented Virtual Guard Security Solution at warehouses and distribution centers, we can also monitor your cargo 24/7 making sure it gets from point A to point B, alerting you the moment we see any issues.

Actual cargo tracking from one of our live monitors.

There are many choices out there when it comes to GPS Tracking options and services. With most of the industries we specialize in from manufacture and pharmaceutical warehouses to cannabis dispensaries, the difference in choosing an Active or Passive GPS unit can mean the difference of losing thousands and or millions of dollars of lost goods.  With our 24/7 live monitoring along with longstanding relationships with law enforcement nationwide, your shipments are tracked and in communication with our control center from start to finish, taking action immediately when something is compromised in anyway with the shipment.

With industries that are highly regulated such as Pharmaceutical warehouses, we often utilize tracking devices that will alert our response team to changes in temperature, humidity change, and route alteration. Within your facility we can also setup asset tracking to prevent theft from within your business.

Cargo and Carrier Tracking
Protect your shipments once they leave the warehouse. Live 24/7 monitoring to alert of route alter, temperature change and more.
High Value Items
Protect your high valued items such as jewelry, collectibles and artwork during their journey.
Automotive Tracking
With so many vehicles being purchased via the internet, our GPS tracking is ideal for both buyers and automotive dealerships.
Warehouse Shipment Center
No matter the carrier, protect your shipments with Active GPS tracking.
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Estimated Value of Cargo stolen last year - $175 Million  

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Warehouse Shipment Center

No matter the carrier, protect your shipments with Active GPS tracking.